Eder Kids Clothing

We develop and deploy SMO and SMM Strategy

Eder Kids Clothing needed a Facebook business page to meet the needs of the marketing strategy.

Eder Kids Clothing

Website: https://web.facebook.com/EderKidsClothing/


  • Better social reach
  • Improved profitability
  • Built brand loyalty
Eder Kids
Eder Kids
Eder Kids
Eder Kids

Devised the full-fledged strategy to improve the ranking of the website across different social media platforms. We have successfully attracted and directed potential customers to the website to close more deals.

  • Page Setup
  • Business manager
  • Pixel setup and configuration
  • Ad manager
  • Ads and campaigns
Prepared the page for running social media ad campaigns targeted to improve the reach of the business.
Helped businesses to set pixels and configure it to the main website to get better results.
Configured Business manager and Ad manager to give the business full control on tracking the results of ad campaigns.