E-mail Marketing

If you are striving to achieve the set marketing goals within the stipulated time, then we are here to help you. Every business needs to run customized email marketing campaigns to make it successful. Automated emails can be improbable to grab the attention of the targeted audience. The majority of the targeted audience will straightaway ignore them considering them spam. That’s where SEO Trickir steps in. We provide email marketing services to a variety of niches across the market. Our email blast services can bring in more leads and increase the conversion rate of a business. To your surprise, email marketing affects the buying behavior of the consumers and is a way to convince them to buy your offerings.

Our top-notch email marketing services guarantee an increase in sales. We offer an email marketing campaign which includes:

  1. Full-fledged email marketing strategy
  2. Design and creation of newsletters
  3. Google Analytics reports

What we do?

Strategy Creating

Letter Creating

Track Campaigns


Target the Right Audience with the Right Message

If you are not targeting the right market segment, then you will not get the desired results. The best strategy is to make your emails effective enough to resonate with the audience. You need to figure out the impending needs and buying behaviors of the target customers. By analyzing the demographics of the market segment, important information can be drawn. Track the activities of the users on your website to get an idea about their liking. Then, email marketing campaigns should be customized accordingly. The process can take a lot of your time, and you may overlook other important aspects of the business. It is the best choice to outsource the services of email marketing to a third party who excel in the field. SEO Trickir is among the top agencies, and the record of satisfied clients depicts the quality of services we offer.

Pinpoint the Email Timing

Do you know that the recipients are more likely to ignore the message like a flash if they are busy somewhere? Thus, it is crucial to know the engagements of the target audience in general. If you are targeting homemakers or full-time workers, then you need to pinpoint the timings of sending emails to get the maximum output. We understand that collecting such data is daunting. That’s why we offer the services of drawing insights from the data available in hand. Our experts guide the client according to the information and craft an email marketing strategy to guarantee the results.

Dynamic and Powerful Campaigns

No one can deny the power of an email marketing campaign with a customized and dynamic message. By sending a direct line to the customers when they are available to amplify the results. We, at SEO Trickir, knows the importance of setting rules to maximize the input from a channel. Our marketers know how to customize the notifications of a message to uplift the email marketing campaign. We also add videos, graphics, images, and other emojis to improvise the effectiveness. So, get in touch with us and leave all your hassles to the marketing experts.

Email Newsletter Services

We offer email marketing services tailored to the unique and varying clients’ needs. We work in-line with your marketing goals and align the email newsletter services to that. Our experts have the skillset and potential to take care of all the needs of the customers. No matter if you need sale-oriented emails, sending updates, hot offers, or simple follow-up emails, we deliver the best of both the worlds. Our well-defined sales funnel will show a track to follow to reach the other end with multiplied sales. Our email newsletter services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Customized and professionally designed template
  • Email marketing campaigns to promote offerings
  • Converting the reader into valuable customers
  • Growing the newsletter list of interested recipients
  • Providing periodic campaign reports
  • Complete access to Google reports

What Benefits Will You Get?

Every dollar invested in the email marketing campaign will bring in more revenue. The ROI investment multiplies by 44 times if you invest in a well-devised email marketing. Traditional marketing techniques are becoming obsolete as the user base is becoming digital. Email marketing campaigns are the most efficient tools to qualify potential business leads. The benefits that an email marketing campaign can appear to be endless. Yet, some of the most significant ones are as follows:

  • Personalized marketing for a variety of audiences
  • Simple yet effective distribution of resources
  • Split testing for better results
  • Cost-efficient and result-oriented
  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Easy to track metrics and analytics
  • Broader market reach with email newsletters

Try an Email Marketing Campaign

You will notice a hefty return on an investment after deploying email marketing campaigns. The benefits of a well-developed and efficient email marketing strategy are incalculable. If you are looking for an expert and reliable email marketing service provider, then contact us now. We will book a free consultation for you, if needed, and will guide you through the process. Email marketing is the right choice for those who want to enjoy the perks of improved customer loyalty and a higher return on investment. We provide some supplemental benefits as compared to other service providers, which are:

  • Email automation with proper manual checks
  • List segmentation
  • Campaign strategy building and management
  • Fostering subscriber growth campaigns
  • Customized email templates
  • Monthly insight and reporting
  • Social media collaboration